Woodbridge European Deli


Nova Polish Deli

Nova European Deli has been providing quality Polish foods since June 2010. Nova Deli is a 2500 square foot retail Polish food store, offering the following:

- Deli counter
- Polish prepared foods
- Polish preserved foods (canned & jarred)
- Polish bakery
- Polish dairy products
- Related Polish products – movies, magazines, cards and more.
- Parcels to Poland (Polimex)

Owned and operated by Jolanta Dabrowski, Jolanta has been cooking traditional Polish food all her life so opening her own store to share her passion of Polish food with everyone was a natural transition and one she thoroughly enjoys.

Have a question for Jolanta? Fill out the short contact form and she’ll get back to you personally.

Discover our Deli counter, and find an excellent selection of Polish foods including:

- Polish sausages (for bbq)
- Kabanosy
- Smoked ham
- Salami
- Veal/chicken and pork wieners
- Cheeses
- And much more…

Find the best Polish prepared foods, such as:

- All types of pierogies
- Cabbage rolls
- Soups
- Hearings
- Croquet
- And much more…

Locate all those hard to find Polish preserves and canned goods, including:

- European juices
- Carrots
- Peas
- Beans
- Poppy seeds
- Polish dill pickles
- Sauerkraut
- Soups
- Pickled mushrooms
- Mustards

Discover delicious selection of Polish baked goods such as:

- Assorted Fresh European breads (dark rye, light rye, multi grain)
- WASA bread
- Paczki (traditional Polish doughnuts)
- Cheese and apple danish's
- Poppy seed cake
- Cookies
- Assorted Polish cakes
- Special occasion’s cakes available

Find all the best Polish brands including Sikorski Sausages, Bugajny Meat Products, Superior Sausage as well as sweets and treats such as European chocolates, pretzels, chocolate bars, European chocolate hazelnuts spreads, sugar free chocolate, candies and more.

Get your daily Polish news and entertainment with major Polish newspapers and periodicals both local and Polish delivered daily, find Polish Movies, Gifts and Videos.  Find Polish facial and body creams, shampoos, laundry detergents, soaps, and deodorants.


Have a question, or looking for a specific Polish product? Give us a call at 905-856-8472, or fill out our short contact form and we’ll let you know. Or better yet, pop into our store and see for yourself – check our location and operating hours.